I was born in New York City to two parents in the arts. From 5 to 12, I spend my time acting out all the roles I saw on TV and at the movies. By the age of 13, I took my first steps into the professional world of acting as an apprentice, and hard working theatre student at the HB Studio where I encountered a very intense introduction to acting training via Uta Hagen and  Anna Sokolow.

At 16, two monumental events happened that changed my life completely.  I got my first professional gig and along with it, my Equity card. The second: my road to Damascus moment. Playing hooky from school, I found myself sitting in a cavernous RKO theatre on 58th and Third Avenue, vaguely familiar with Laurence Olivier's name. Onto the screen he came, rose stem in hand. Larry smelled the rose and spoke Othello's first lines, and my jaw dropped. Here was an actor I could model, who gave me my first insight to where I had to take myself if I wanted to acquire his vocal chops and effortless virtuosity. Little did I know then, that I, along with a million  other  Larry junkies, would be married to him after seeing this astounding performance. From Larry it was on to Brando and a multitude  of American and English actors, I watched, learned, and stole from. For 10 years I dedicated myself to training: Strasberg, Alder, Handman, LeGrant, and little known Zack Matalon. Mixed in  between them, a four year stay in London, studying at LAMDA, and nailing my ass to the seat of the National Theatre where I clocked in over 100 performances of Larry O's last stage performances: The Dance of Death, A Flea In Her Ear, Long's Day's Journey, and The Merchant of Venice.

Returning to America at 23, I spent the next 4 years studying with the great David LeGrant, and a little later, in the 80s, with the brilliant Wyn Handman. Around 1977, I felt it was time to perform, and from then till now, and tomorrow, it's all I've done.

I thought I had everything thing under my belt until I encounter Patsy Rodenburg in the late 90s. From then to the present, she has broaden my understanding of language, the body, and the breath.

Making a living acting and booking VOs, I have for the past 20 years settled down with the beautiful, gracious, and legendary  photographer, Susan Shacter.